Welcome to Informed Rant, our first interview is with Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, one of over 150 groups targeted by a new and little known group called PropOrNot. Yves Smith discusses what is the responsibility of the Washington Post in publishing what amounts to rumor and smears without doing any other reporting. Then, we moved onto our second interview where we look at the 21st Century Cures Act with the Nation magazine’s Zoe Carpenter. The 21st Century Cures Act has passed the house in a rare bipartisan vote but has raised concerns among both liberal and conservative watchdogs. Strong opposition has come from the senate from both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders; yet, the White House shows its encouragement for the bill by stating, “the Senate should promptly pass this bill so that the President can sign it.” Our third interview is with independent journalist Zach D. Roberts, whom discusses the role of facts in the era of Facebook and how we maintain a vibrant press in an era of social media. Thank you for listening and please enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Nova flickr

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