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Would a Democratic President pull out of Iraq?

January 31, 2008
Tom Hayden: Will a Democratic president really pull out of Iraq? (3 of 3)

FISA: Protecting America or executive power grab?

January 30, 2008

Republican Bruce Fein on the failure of both parties to stop the government from spying on its citizens

Michael Ratner: Will Bush's illegal wiretapping be made legal?

January 28, 2008
Michael Ratner: Senate vote on FISA bill could threaten basic rights (complete interview)

Cheney pushes to make eavesdropping law permanent

January 27, 2008

Ratner: Cheney is misleading the American people (1 of 3)

Cheney pushes to make eavesdropping law permanent

January 27, 2008

Ratner: Why should Congress make the decision on wiretapping and not the court? (2 of 3)

Why is impeachment important?

January 23, 2008

David Swanson is the creator of ImpeachCheney.org, the Washington Director of Democrats.com and co-founder of the AfterDowningStreet.org coalition, a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, of the Backbone Campaign, and of Voters for Peace. He serves on a working group of United for Peace and Justice. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and…

Did Canada cave under US Israeli pressure?

January 22, 2008

Michael Ratner: Canada gave in to pressure from US ambassador

Elections & campaign against undocumented workers

January 17, 2008

Iowa Latino leader Sam Carbajal says Latino vote will go to candidates who provide hope and solutions

Kucinich, Paul, Romney and more from "Radio Row"

January 15, 2008
Radio host and hip-hop activist Davey D on Barack Obama’s candidacy and race