U.S. Politics

McCain and Obama exchange punches

February 28, 2008

Raw News: War of words over Iraq

Election ’08

February 26, 2008

The Real News spent a week talking to the people of Texas. Voters spoke about the election process, who they were supporting and what issues were important to them in 2008.

Democratic debate shows strength of movement

February 24, 2008

Tom Hayden has publicly endorsed Senator Obama.

Ralph Nader

February 24, 2008
Raw News: Ralph Nader announces he will run for president as a third-party candidate

Debate shows Obama victory likely

February 24, 2008

Bruce Fein: November will present clear choice

Superdelegates should step aside

February 21, 2008

MoveOn campaign says superdelegates should stay out of Democratic primary

Pepe Escobar examines who is advising the leading Presidential candidates on foreign policy

February 15, 2008
Pepe Escobar: Comparing foreign policy advisers of two candidates shows some differences

Foreign Policy in Election 08

February 14, 2008
Quoting Pat Buchanan, Pepe Escobar predicts a new phase of militarism if McCain wins

Torture, tribunals and the death penalty

February 12, 2008

Michael Ratner: What is at stake is the future of justice in the US

Californians explain their vote

February 9, 2008
Inside an LA polling station (1 of 6)