U.S. Politics

Take a look back at the primary vote in Pennsylvania

April 23, 2008
The Real News Analyst Pepe Escobar reports from Hillary Clinton’s post-election victory party in Philadelphia, and points out that, with a net delegate deficit and a narrower margin of victory than had been predicted a few weeks ago, she can hardly be considered the winner in Pennsylvania.

Democrats fight in Philadelphia

April 22, 2008

Why do the Democrats have to keep fighting among themselves instead of fighting the Republicans? Real News analyst Pepe Escobar is on location in Philadelphia asking that very question.

Foreign Policy in Election 08

April 6, 2008
Aijaz Ahmad discusses the differences between Obama’s and McCain’s foreign policy

Oil execs called to Capitol Hill for questioning

April 2, 2008

AP: Top executives say their huge profits are in line with other industries