U.S. Politics

Teach For America: Fueling Educational Gaps In California

March 25, 2020

Student success is tied to teacher expertise, yet TFA only trains its members for five weeks before placing them in schools. One lawmaker says these programs need to be banned from classrooms if California wants to close its education gap.

Yesterday’s Man: Biden’s Sorry Record On Civil Rights

March 25, 2020

Branko Marcetic’s book “Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden” discusses Joe Biden’s civil rights and environmental record.

Will Maryland Join Other States In Releasing Prisoners Due To COVID-19?

March 25, 2020

Gov. Larry Hogan has earned praise for his response to COVID-19. But Maryland leads the nation in jailing young Black men, and advocates say he’s failing to protect Maryland’s prison population.

The Clock Is Ticking On Keeping Incarcerated Citizens Safe

March 24, 2020

As COVID-19 spreads, experts call for the release of the most vulnerable people in prisons and jails.

COVID-19: Disinformation, Overwhelmed Healthcare System Fuel Crisis

March 24, 2020

Public Citizen’s Lisa Gilbert says the coronavirus bailout prioritizes providing healthcare and job protection over corporate interests.

What’s The Best Way To Boost The Economy In A Pandemic?

March 24, 2020

As Congress debates a $1.8 trillion stimulus package, we ask what would benefit ordinary people most: a cash payment for everyone, targeted assistance for those who lose their jobs, or corporate bailouts?

Senators Choose Stock Portfolio Over Public Health

March 21, 2020

NPR obtained a secret recording of Sen. Richard Burr warning the elite Social Hill Club of the dire potential economic impacts of the virus.

Climate Crisis: COVID-19 Hits Mass Transit, Aviation, Fossil Fuel Industry

March 21, 2020

This week the coronavirus global pandemic spread rapidly in the United States, impacting public transit, aviation, the fossil fuel industry, and more.

Corporations Are Protecting Their Profits From COVID-19, Not Their Workers

March 20, 2020

Trump is offering big business billions of dollars as the pandemic spreads, and almost nothing for their stranded employees. But real protection for workers has to be much more than a $1000 check.

As Corporate Capitalists Beg For Socialism, Let’s Not Forget They Tried To Destroy It

March 19, 2020

Social programs and Medicare for All could help keep people at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, but mainstream media pundits continue to fearmonger during discussions of socialism.