Retired auto workers have their say

June 22, 2009
Fourth in a series of discussions with a group of retired autoworkers in Detroit

Bankrupt GM begins slashing jobs

June 20, 2009

The General Motors flameout has been a disaster for blue collar Americans working on assembly lines. Out of 123,000 GM workers left in North America, 20,000 are scheduled to lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the Auto Task Force appointed by President Obama to oversee the process is led by Wall Street financiers focused on turning a…

GM to declare bankruptcy

May 31, 2009

GM bankruptcy restructuring puts risk on to workers; no vision for a green transportation system

Despair and resistance in Detroit

May 16, 2009
Parts of this city are dying homes and families literally falling to pieces. But there is also something fiercely alive a spirit of resilience and resistance: and maybe, in the ruins of industrial capitalism, glimpses of a more sustainable future

Richard Wolff: Too big to fail, too big to be privately owned

April 30, 2009
Richard Wolff, Economist and Professor at the New School in New York City speaks to Paul Jay about the troubled auto industry in the United States. He says the important question right now is whether the bondholders will be willing to give up their share for foreign shareholders and make the sacrifices necessary to make…

Motown blues or Detroit green?

April 23, 2009
As the government works with the management of GM and Chrysler to help them become competitive auto companies, many of the company’s workers are demanding a drastically different approach. Paul Jay sits down in Detroit with Frank Hammer, who has helped organized the Auto Worker Caravan, an organization of active and retired auto workers that…