The unions and Obama

March 16, 2010
Bill Fletcher: The American trade union movement is in disarray

State of the Unions

December 28, 2009
Should unions tell Dem. Party: "you’re with us or with Chamber of Commerce"? Paul Jay with Philip Dine

Is war necessary for progress?

December 24, 2009
Robert Pollin: It wasn’t war that ended the 1930s Depression, it was massive government spending

Giant holes in new banking rules

November 22, 2009
Paul Jay speaks with Tom Ferguson about solutions for rising unemployment levels and melting stimulus.

Unions and the Health Care Debate

October 31, 2009

Sam Gindin: Unions should have said "No" to concessions if they wanted to shape the health debate

Organizing the poor

October 28, 2009
Paul Jay speaks with Steve Williams about community organizing in San Francisco.

Saving Detroit

October 26, 2009
Anthony Pt.2: People must force administration to build sustainable communities

Guerrilla musical takes on insurance industry

October 24, 2009

Billionaires for Wealthcare at AHIP conference disrupt meeting with song in support of public option

Autoworkers "challenge logic of capitalism"

October 19, 2009
Sam Gindin: Middle of the road options are no longer an option; the crisis demands a radical new vision