Insurance lobby meets to discuss reform

March 15, 2009
"We believe the health insurance industry is trying to buy their way onto the table with health care reform," says Carmen Balber of Consumer Watchdog at a protest against the American Health Insurance Plans’ 2009 Policy Forum. "We see this in two big points," she goes on to explain, "one which is a mandate that…

Groups protest health insurance heavyweights

March 11, 2009

APN: Congressman Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) led a protest Monday outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington, site of the 2009 national conference of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a trade group for the health insurance industry.

What kind of health care reform?

February 16, 2009

Roger Hickey of Campaign for America’s Future says reform must be within what’s possible

Barack and the progressives

February 13, 2009
Katrina vanden Heuvel on Obama, the progressives and foreign policy

Women's Take

February 13, 2009
Katrina vanden Heuvel on Obama, the progressives and foreign policy

Frontline Club

February 6, 2009
      There are currently around 33 million people worldwide living with HIV. Almost 2/3 of these are in sub-Saharan Africa where nearly 12 million children have been orphaned. But while huge progress has been made in some areas – including a decline in HIV-related deaths – the current epidemic cannot be reversed without…

Is Obama a feminist?

February 2, 2009
A man on the cover of Ms. Magazine! President Obama is honored with a special inaugural issue Ms. Magazine. The illustration of the president has him in a heroic superman pose wearing a T-shirt with the inscription: “THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE.” The Executive Editor of Ms. Magazine, Kathy Spillar defends the cover…

"The good war"

January 23, 2009
Nancy Youssef reports on her recent assignment in Afghanistan and on Obama’s plans for the country Pt 1