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Protesters marching at a climate demonstration leading up to the UN Summit.

The Right Attacks Greta Thunberg, But Climate Strike Inspires Humanity

September 25, 2019

Real News climate correspondents Dharna Noor and Dimitri Lascaris discuss the UN Climate Summit, the past week’s climate justice demonstrations, Greta Thunberg’s presence and attacks against her, and the promise of this movement.

Cover of Todd Miller's book, More Than A Wall.

More Than a Wall: A History of the Border-Industrial Complex

September 24, 2019
Todd Miller, author of a new report on the border-industrial complex, discusses the history of US border policy and the involvement of military and surveillance corporations.
Nate Silver

Nate Silver and the Pitfalls of the Corporate Pundit Class

September 24, 2019

Political statistician and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight Nate Silver found himself in hot water recently when he seemed to refer to the diverse supporters of Bernie Sanders’ campaign as “residue.” Jacqueline Luqman talks to Anoa Changa about why that language, and the bias of the corporate pundit class, is an issue.

Roger Waters and Dimitri Lascaris

Roger Waters: Militarism is Exacerbating the Climate Crisis

September 24, 2019

Pink Floyd co-founder and activist Roger Waters speaks to the Real News at the People’s Mobilization Against the U.S. War Machine in New York City.

Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani

Trump Unleashed Crisis in the Strait of Hormuz by Scuttling the Iran Deal

September 24, 2019

Foreign correspondent Reese Erlich untangles the complexities, analyzes what we face, and what the future may bring.

Daniel Ellsberg

Whistleblowers Save our Democracy, Says Daniel Ellsberg

September 24, 2019

Trump has been exposed by leakers and might face consequences, and Edward Snowden has published a book. Daniel Ellsberg reflects on the bravery of exposing the truth.

Raising Expectations (And Lowering Carbon Emissions)

September 19, 2019

At the first Designing A Green New Deal conference, labor and environmental organizer Jane McAlevey explains what strikes, war, and globalization have to do with climate justice.

Laura Flanders Show: How We Can End Gender-Based Violence

Laura Flanders Show: How We Can End Gender-Based Violence

September 18, 2019

Gender-based violence – why are states so bad at making it stop? This week, in her first appearance since fleeing Brazil, women’s rights advocate Debora Diniz joins fellow activists and philanthropists to discuss what works and what doesn’t in stopping violence against women and girls.

Tohono O’odham Nation: 'All These Areas Can Collapse'

Tohono O’odham Nation: ‘All These Areas Can Collapse’

September 15, 2019

Tohono O’odham Nation Members voice their objections to Trump’s border wall and the disruption of the lives of the people and animals that have lived there for centuries