Making a killing from the food crisis

May 13, 2008

While people around the world are suffering from hunger and protesting the rise in global food prices, major grain traders, such as Cargill, are reporting big profits. Making a Killing from Hunger, a report by international NGO, GRAIN, says that the global food crisis is more than a food shortage or a price blip, it’s…

Marine biologists stare down world’s largest eye

May 1, 2008

Scientists are about to learn a lot more about the colossal squid, after marine biologists in New Zealand defrosted a 1,000-pound specimen caught last year. It is the largest known specimen of a species that is believed to be the largest of the squids. Weighing in at 495 kilograms, it is by no means the…

Climate Change

April 27, 2008
Carbon capture technology is "putting the cart before the horse," climate change policy analyst José Etcheverry tells The Real News Network’s Afsan Chowdhury, because the technology is unproven. Instead, Etcheverry, who works for the David Suzuki Foundation, says the world should be focusing on renewable resources such as wind and solar power. But large energy…

Melting ice causes river "tsunami" in Chile

April 13, 2008

AP: Global warming magnified the problem, glacier expert says

Clean coal’s dirty secret

April 10, 2008

For more information: www.BurningTheFuture.com

Canada blocks asbestos ban

April 1, 2008

UN Rotterdam treaty on toxic trade restrictions marred by Canada’s stance on asbestos

Grading the candidates on climate change

February 7, 2008

While some of the candidates in this report have now dropped out, we think it's important for people to know the policies of the running candidates in regards to climate change.