The Economy Under Trump: Business Optimism Combined with Inequality

The Economy Under Trump: Business Optimism Combined with Inequality

September 12, 2018

Trump’s Chair of Economic Advisors presented a glowing analysis of how business optimism and investment boomed with Trump’s election. But what do these figures mask and how accurate are they? We take a closer look at the data with PERI’s Gerald Epstein

Economic Update: Capitalism Invites Deepening Criticism

Economic Update: Capitalism Invites Deepening Criticism

September 8, 2018

This week: Updates on new approach to Labor Day; DNC accepts fossil fuel donations; Turkey’s crisis as typical capitalist instability; collapse of Genoa toll bridge; exploding gap between CEO and average worker pay; Gallup Poll on capitalism vs socialism in US; and Professor Wolff interviews Dr. Harriet Fraad on why U.S. workers don’t rebel more…

Economic Update: Capitalism’s Problems Provoke Opposition

September 2, 2018

This week: Updates on Missouri vote for union position; the irrationality of student debt; economic sanction of Iran isolates and costs U.S. for Trump political gains; Monsanto puts profits over cancer risks; Louisiana legislature punishes big banks for lending to assault rifle producers; special guest: Troy Walcott, a Spectrum Cable technician on strike in New…

Economic Update: Capitalism, Changed by its Contradictions

August 27, 2018

This week: Updates on the growing poverty rate in California; the epidemic of childhood obesity in the U.S; and the economic fallout of Trump’s steel tariff; special topic: Professor Wolff’s explanation of how politics in the United States has sustained capitalism and what the politics of change will require

Rapid GDP Growth: Does Trump Deserve the Credit?

August 27, 2018

Trump and his supporters argue that the 2017 corporate tax rate cuts are spurring economic growth. Is there any truth to this? We discuss the real effects of the tax cuts with economics professor Gerald Epstein of PERI at UMass Amherst

Economic Update: One Big Push Against Capitalism

August 21, 2018

This week: Updates on the social costs of criminalizing marijuana; U.S. food outlets being taken over by foreign conglomerates; the capitalist spawned labor conflict in India; Trump and the Signature Bank swamp; and New Zealand mandates 10-days paid leave for victims of domestic violence; Interview with Matt Christman and Will Menaker of the Chapo Trap…

DNC Reverses Ban on Accepting Fossil Fuel Industry Money

August 16, 2018

DNC Chair Tom Perez reversed an agreement to ban accepting money from the fossil fuel industry that created a firestorm of protests, we speak with Janet Redman, climate change director at Greenpeace

Economic Update: Hidden Failures of Capitalism

August 13, 2018

This week: Updates on Europe’s higher labor force participation; NY Governor Cuomo’s campaign is faking “small donations;” U.S. restaurants decline as pinched incomes force home delivery of food; how the “market” housing system causes homelessness; and how the U.S. educational system fails to overcome a racial wealth gap; Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on the…

US Policy Toward Global Internet Governance Is Misguided Says Richard Hill

August 13, 2018
Richard Hill recounts the US led large scale commercial implementation of the Internet based on ARPANET technology where a key public interest prerequisite, security, was missing to the present where vital public interest preconditions are missing in US e-commerce policy initiatives proposing free flow of data across national borders