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Global Tech Companies Renew Push for Control Over All Data

Global Tech Companies Renew Push for Control Over All Data

February 6, 2019

Google, Amazon, Facebook, among others, have developed ecommerce rules that would benefit them and, with the help of the US government, hope to have them adopted by the World Trade Organization. CEPR’s Deborah James discusses the implications

Does it really matter if Trump pulls the US out of the World Trade Organization?

November 20, 2018

Withdrawal could be a chance for trade reboot By Peter Drahos The US has a long history of using trade coercion to enforce its intellectual property agenda. Withdrawing from the WTO could give the world a chance to focus on terms of trade that favour people over profit, Peter Drahos writes. Free traders are accusing…

Trade War Greatly Exaggerated

March 31, 2018

America’s trading partners, including Europe and China, will likely wait for Trump to move on to his next distraction–which could be a real war, not a trade war, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot

News Click

October 30, 2016
Sophia Murphy from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy speaks with Newsclick on how for the past 20 years, the WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture has failed to address basic inequities in world agriculture – Newsclick and TRNN Joint Production

South Africa’s Ambassador to the World Trade Organization Unpacks WTO Negotiating Agendas

July 23, 2014
In this 3 part series, Ambassador Faizel Ismail, discusses his negotiating experience at the WTO from 2002 through 2014 as South Africa’s Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization

Tapering of Quantitative Easing Is Throwing Emerging Markets into Chaos – And Big Banks Are Getting Richer

February 4, 2014

Despite no real economic recovery, the Fed is winding down quantitative easing, throwing developing countries’ economies into chaos

Greg Palast

August 26, 2013
Greg Palast: Secret memo reveals Larry Summers involved in deal that helped setup the global economic crisis

Democrat’s Vision for Economy is GOP-Lite

May 1, 2013

Jeff Faux: Obama attitude towards debt and austerity policies accepts the same underlying assumptions as the Republicans

Are Toronto Homeless Shelters Overcrowded?

March 18, 2013

City maintains there are enough beds but activists and shelter operators say they are running at over capacity