Ecuador's Lenin: Talks Progressive, Acts Conservative

Ecuador’s Lenin: Talks Progressive, Acts Conservative

March 26, 2019

Local elections in Ecuador over the weekend show that President Lenin Moreno has condemned his own party to irrelevance, while former President Rafael Correa’s new party makes a strong showing

Rightward Shift in Latin America Spelling End of Regional Integration

July 12, 2018

The Union of South American Nations – UNASUR – was an ambitious project to integrate South America not just on economic terms, but also on political and social terms, but the rightward drift in Latin America is leading to its dissolution, with the unfortunate help of Ecuador’s government, where its headquarters are, says former foreign…

Goodbye Unasur?

May 23, 2018

By Ariela Ruiz Caro /Americas.org The decision made by Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru to leave the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) represents a practical coup de grace for the institution created in Brasilia in 2008. It also illustrates the political shift that has taken place in the majority of countries that created…

Bolivians Protest US Attack On Syria

September 8, 2013

Regional bloc UNASUR opposes possible U.S. military strike Strike On Syria


July 4, 2013
South American bloc UNASUR holds emergency meeting condemning European and U.S. actions

Most of Latin America Recognizes Maduro as President; Opposition Charges Fraud Demands Recount

April 18, 2013

Opposition member of National Electoral Council says vote results correct; Opposition waiting for ruling on recount

Venezuela Coverage and Analysis

April 15, 2013
Find all of our Venezuela stories here, from the current crisis to the early days of The Real News Network


March 12, 2013
Protest organized by families broken by immigration deportations

Humanitarian Catastrophe in Syria

March 10, 2013

Omar Dahi: Western Powers and GCC countries fail to provide aid at levels needed, inspite of professed interest in the Syrian people