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Elliot Abrams

February 26, 2019

Sen. Bob Graham: 9/11

January 10, 2019
Senator Bob Graham, former Co-Chair of the Joint Congressional Committee investigating 9/11, says there is evidence in the “28 redacted pages” that the FBI knew of Saudi Ambassador Bandar’s links to Al Qaida terrorists before the attacks  – a REPLAY of a 2016 interview by Paul Jay
The 9/11 Conspiracy: Did Bush/Cheney Create a Culture of Not Wanting toKnow? – Sen. Bob Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt4

Reality Asserts Itself – Bob Graham

January 9, 2019
On RAI with Paul Jay, Senator Bob Graham says there was a pervasive pattern in police and intelligence agencies: “You don’t have everybody moving in the same direction without there being a head coach somewhere who was giving them instructions as to where he wants them to move”  – a REPLAY of a 2013 interview by…
Wilkerson’s Real “Vice” - Cheney’s Cold War and Regime Change (3/4)

Wilkerson on the Real “Vice” - Cheney

January 2, 2019
Cheney killed an Iranian peace offer, pushed a New Cold War with China, and planned regime change in Iraq, Iran and North Korea – says Larry Wilkerson, depicted in the film VICE and former Chief of Staff to Sec. State Colin Powell – a REPLAY of a 2010 interview by Paul Jay

Democratic Establishment Tries To Keep Progressives Off Congressional Ballots

January 30, 2018

Several congressional candidates are facing expensive lawsuits from the Democratic establishment, who are challenging their ballot petitions

Undoing the New Deal

December 4, 2017

EPA’s Pruitt Pushed Through Directive Favoring Polluters, Lawsuit Says

December 3, 2017

Center for Biological Diversity sues the Environmental Protection Agency over the refusal to release documents regarding a new directive limiting the agency’s ability to settle lawsuits