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Defending the Climate in the Age of Trump

March 25, 2017

Centre for Sustainable Economy’s Ted Gleichman says we need to see the fossil fuel industry as a rogue industry that can no longer be considered just another normal part of the economy

The Wilkerson Report

March 6, 2017
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says General H.R. McMaster might be more restrained about military action, but will support massive budget increase to military and the imperial mission

Anti-Climate Science Conspiracy Theorist to Lead Trump’s Department of Energy

December 16, 2016

Jason Schwartz of Greenpeace USA discusses former Texas governor Rick Perry’s record and how his relationships with oil and gas industries will influence his tenure as Trump’s Secretary of Energy

Trump Picks His Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Supports Colonization of Palestine as Ambassador to Israel

December 16, 2016

David Friedman used the word for Jewish collaborators in Nazi death camps to describe a pro-peace Israeli organization that supports a two-state solution, and his extreme views concern many in Israel, says political economist Shir Hever