Trump administration

Senator Warren: Equifax Profits from Data Hack While Consumers Pay the Price

October 4, 2017

Economist Bill Black says he’s skeptical that either Equifax or its former CEO Richard Smith will be held accountable for the breach that affected an estimated 145.5 million people

Climate Change

August 28, 2017
Leading expert on the climate denier playbook, Naomi Oreskes, discusses her groundbreaking new study and larger story of disinformation and doubt about climate change that has been promoted in U.S. for almost three decades

Spies, News Agencies, Wiretaps and Whistleblowers

August 5, 2017
The Trump administration’s new crackdown on government leaks could be used to go after journalists, says Marcy Wheeler of

Trump Administration Is Removing Climate Change Research from Government Websites

April 16, 2017

Victoria Herrmann of the Arctic Institute explains how her research and that of others have been removed from government websites and this is happening at the worst possible moment for climate change research

Behind Michael Flynn’s Turkish Lobbying Controversy, An Israeli Gas Pipeline

March 31, 2017

TRNN Correspondent Shir Hever highlights what may have driven ex-National Security Advisor’s Michael Flynn controversial lobbying work tied to Turkey: an unknown Israeli natural gas company seeking a Turkish pipeline.

“White Supremacist, Anti-Semitic, Islamophobe” Stephen Bannon as Trump’s Chief Strategist

November 14, 2016

Rabbi Alissa Wise says Trump is embracing extremism and hatred by appointing a leader of the “alt-right” to a prominent role in his administration

How a Trump Presidency Creates Crisis and Opportunity for Social Change

October 15, 2016

Executive Producer Eddie Conway visits Conscious Heads barber shop to discuss Donald Trump’s election victory