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What Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, and Tony Soprano Have in Common

What Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, and Tony Soprano Have in Common

January 9, 2019

Gerald Horne and Paul Jay discuss Donald Trump’s address to the nation on the wall and border security

Is Trump Betraying the American People? With TRNN’s Paul Jay

August 2, 2018

Aaron Mate hosts TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay in a discussion about the real reasons why Trump should be considered a traitor by the American people

Progressive Candidates vs. Corporate Democrats

Progressive Candidates vs. Corporate Democrats

May 17, 2018

A panel of activists involved in supporting primary campaigns challenging establishment Democrats discuss key issues facing their work; with Alexandra Rojas of Justice Democrats, Eugene Puryear of D.C. Movement for Black Lives, and R.L. Stephens of Democratic Socialists of America with host Paul Jay

US Sanctions Against Iran and It Consequences on European Allies

James Dorsey on the US/Iran Nuclear Deal

May 10, 2018
European allies scrambles to save the Iran nuclear deal, we explore the growing rift between the Trump administration and its European allies with syndicated columnist,  James Dorsey

Danny Glover: The Real News Is Yours. Engage It.

April 6, 2018

On April 4, 2018, The Real Network and Danny Glover commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr on the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination. See Glover’s message to keep The Real News going

The Real News Collaborates with the Baltimore Beat, a New Alternative Weekly in Baltimore

November 2, 2017

The Real News Network has partnered with the Baltimore Beat, a new alternative weekly paper, set to launch on Nov. 15. The paper, which is owned by the company that owns the Washington Blade and the Los Angeles Blade, rises out of the ashes of the Baltimore City Paper, which was shut down by the…

The Real News Joins With ACLU to Fight Silencing of Police Abuse Victims

June 30, 2017

The Maryland ACLU is representing TRNN in a suit to stop police from forcing victims of police brutality to remain silent as part of legal settlements by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis

Abby Martin and Paul Jay – What Should Sanders Do Next?

June 10, 2016

As Hillary Clinton becomes the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party, Empire Files host Abby Martin and TRNN Senior Paul Jay sit down to discuss what Sanders should do next. Both Jay and Martin agree that Clinton is a dangerous neoconservative who should not be defended. But they disagree over whether Sanders should throw his…

Reality Asserts Itself - Robert Johnson

June 8, 2014
Mr. Johnson, who while working with George Soros “broke the Bank of England”, talks about growing up in the turmoil of racial tension and the mass movement against the Vietnam War