The Global African

The Empire Files: Chevron vs. the Amazon – Inside the Killzone

August 16, 2016

In Part 1 of ‘Chevron vs. the Amazon’, Abby Martin takes us inside Chevron Texaco’s Amazon killzone to see the areas deemed “remediated” by Chevron, and spoke with the people living with the aftermath. Watch more on teleSUR [Watch Part II | Watch Part III]

The Empire Files – Monsanto, America’s Monster

June 14, 2016

Few corporations in the world are as loathed—and as sinister—as Monsanto. But the threat it poses to people and planet could be reaching new heights, as the World Health Organization has recently upgraded Monsanto’s main product as carcinogenic to humans. With protests against the agrochemical giant held in over 40 countries in May, learn why…

The Global African

January 17, 2016
Telesur’s The Global African talks to Palestinian American comedian Amer Zahr about growing up in the United States as a Palestinian and the application of the word ‘terrorism.’

The Global African: Danny Glover & James Early on Venezuela

December 18, 2015

We talk to both guests about what the recent election results mean for Venezuela as well as the entire region. Then we give an update on the latest in Western Sahara

Sheltering Liberation: A Short History of Maroon Settlements

November 30, 2015

This week on teleSUR’s The Global African, Dr. Msomi Moor and Dr. Sheila Walker discuss the legacy of the maroon presence in Panama and Colombia.