tahrir square


January 31, 2016
Noha Radwan reports on the conditions facing political prisoners, who are often crammed into 15×15 spaces with seventy people, and says the international community must intervene

Brutal Repression in Egypt Exceeds Conditions Under Mubarak

January 31, 2016

Noha Radwan, reports on the conditions facing political prisoners, where as many as seventy people are crammed into 15×15 spaces, she calls on the international community for assistance

Jihan Hafiz Reporting from Cairo

July 10, 2013
TRNN Cairo correspondent Jihan Hafiz describes tense mood in Egypt after massacre, excessive force by military leaves many in denial of army’s past human rights record

Violent Clashes Shake Post-Morsi Egypt

July 5, 2013

Mohamed Elmeshad: Beyond the violence, army and some business elite play interlocked role in bloody clashes

Tahrir Artists

December 23, 2011
Egyptian children and a teacher talk about the revolution (Note: this was shot before the military’s recent attacks on protesters)

Egypt's Revolutionary Artists' Union Sing Out

December 13, 2011
Since massive protests erupted throughout Egypt last January, Egyptians from all walks of life have taken the streets to demand the end of military rule. They included artists, actors, singers and musicians who joined with their fellow revolutionaries in street battles with police, soldiers and thugs. Last February, when they managed to seize control of…

Egyptians Debate Elections as Protests Continue

November 28, 2011

Voters torn between boycotting elections until demands are met, and voicing their concerns at the ballot box