July 17, 2013
Pro-Morsi demonstrators claim that the Egyptian army is targeting them during night prayers amid violent clashes and street shutdowns in the Egyptian capital.

A Glimpse into Rural Egypt

March 8, 2012

Support for Muslim Brotherhood and Military Council widespread despite growing economic insecurity plaguing the country

One Year After Egyptian Revolution, Military Dictatorship Lives On

January 24, 2012

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Tahrir Artists

January 4, 2012
Since massive protests erupted throughout Egypt last January, Egyptians from all walks of life have taken the streets to demand the end of military rule. They included artists, actors, singers and musicians who joined with their fellow revolutionaries in street battles with police, soldiers and thugs. Last February, when they managed to seize control of…

Battle Rages in Cairo as "Thugs" and Army Attack Protesters

December 17, 2011

TRNN Exclusive: Army attacks occupation of cabinet office, street fighting into the night, at least nine dead

Egyptian Workers Strike and March Against Regime

December 16, 2011

Workers say repression getting worse as they fight for a minimum wage

TRNN covers the Flotilla 2010, 2011

July 10, 2011
While the remaining boats in the Free Gaza Movement’s flotilla are still trying to leave the Greek ports, activists from around the world organized a mass fly-in known as the Flytilla. The activists were invited by Palestinian groups in a campaign called "Welcome to Palestine" and intended to protest Israel’s practice of frequently denying the…