South Sudan

Sudan's President Carries Out Coup to Defuse Movement Against Him

Sudan’s President Carries Out Coup to Defuse Movement Against Him

April 12, 2019

Prof. Khalid Ahmed says that what looks like a military coup against Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir is actually of the president’s own making, to defuse the growing movement and ICC indictment against him

Month-Long Protests Plunge Sudan into Crisis

Month-Long Protests Plunge Sudan into Crisis

January 24, 2019

Economic crisis and repression in Sudan have led to constant protests while the US and others look the other way because they need him. Prof. Alex de Waal discusses the situation

South Sudan: Former Rivals Forge Foundation for Peace

July 7, 2018

The just signed ceasefire agreement in South Sudan’s bloody civil war is an important step forward, but it remains too early to know whether it will last, says Khalid Ahmed, of University of Toronto


May 3, 2017
We tend to believe that famine is primarily the result of natural disaster, but the African countries affected by famine are all ones that have all been severely affected by political instability and war

Maurice Carney on the Democratic Republic of Congo

May 20, 2013
World Bank head Jim Yong Kim and UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon visit Congo on May 25th, supporting a framework for peace agreement that was engineered by Uganda and Rwanda, Western allies that are accused of backing rebel armies committing war crimes in Congo

Racism in Israel

June 5, 2012
In recent weeks, incitement by government officials, rightist settlers, and poor community members against African refugees seeking asylum in Israel escalated into violence. In may Molotov cocktails were thrown into refugee homes, businesses and one kindergarten. The incident did not lead to casualties but inspired a wave of protests leading to a race riot on…