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The Russian Social Media Campaign - How to See it in the Larger Context of Digital Capitalism (Pt 1/2)

The Russian Social Media Campaign - How to See it in the Larger Context of Digital Capitalism

December 19, 2018
Social media analyst Christian Fuchs argues that the focus on Russia's use of social media to influence US elections completely ignores the ways in which we as a society are constantly being manipulated and how this manipulation favors authoritarian capitalism
Calling Brazil's Presidential Frontrunner 'Neofascist' is Accurate

Calling Brazil’s Presidential Frontrunner ‘Neofascist’ is Accurate

October 26, 2018

Brazilians face a momentous decision on Sunday, between ‘neo-fascist’ frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro and the Workers Party’s Fernando Haddad. How did Brazil get to this point? We discuss the situation with Alex Hochuli

Facebook Purge of Alternative Media Is 'Just the Beginning,' Boasts DC Neocon Operative (1/2)

Facebook Purge of Alternative Media

October 26, 2018
As Facebook and Twitter are purging alternative media outlets, a neoconservative operative at a US government-funded think tank says more censorship is on its way. Max Blumenthal and Jeb Sprague discuss how scaremongering over Russia and China is being exploited to silence dissent on social media.
Facebook Erases Hundreds of Alternative Media Pages in Mass Purge (1/2)

Social Media Purge

October 18, 2018
Facebook is erasing popular alternative media pages that had millions of likes and suspending anti-war and anti-police brutality accounts, in coordination with Twitter. Journalist Max Blumenthal says this is part of a larger political crackdown; EFF's David Greene says the implications are dangerous.

Instagram: The Next Social Media Platform to Censor Political Content?

August 21, 2018

Jesse Duquette, a political cartoonist who regularly criticizes President Trump, had one of his cartoons removed from Instagram with no explanation. Marc Steiner talks to him about his cartoons and what happened

Oxford Study: Political Data Mining Companies are Manipulating Elections Around the World

August 2, 2018

An extensive new Oxford University study shows that governments, political parties, and NGOs spend well over half a billion dollars around the world to influence elections and public opinion, most of it in a completely unregulated and secretive manner. We speak to the study’s co-author, Samantha Bradshaw