Sean Suiter

Report Stirs Controversy over Detective’s Mysterious Death

September 6, 2018

Former Police Commander Neill Franklin analyzes the recent report on the death of Baltimore Homicide Detective Sean Suiter, who was found shot in the head with his own gun in November 2017

The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Show: August 31, 2018

September 4, 2018

Eze, Dharna, Khalilah, and guest host Ricarra Jones, Deputy Political Director of 1199 SEIU MD/DC, discuss the Fight for $15, renewable energy, Governor Hogan’s Trumpian rhetoric, Det. Sean Suiter’s death, and new schools in Baltimore

Even Under Federal Monitoring, American Police Ignore the Law

August 6, 2018

A scathing report from the monitors tasked with reporting on the Baltimore Police Department’s compliance with a federal consent decree found the dysfunctional agency violated the law after the shooting of homicide detective Sean Suiter

Brother of Crooked Cop Says He Knows Who Killed Detective Suiter

February 16, 2018

As the new police commissioner names an outside investigator to look into death of Det. Sean Suiter, Det. Daniel Hersl’s brother says he knows the answer

Catharsis and Corruption in Wake of Dirty Cop Conviction

February 14, 2018

Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force trial ends with closure for victims and calls to ferret out further corruption at the top of police department

Convicted Baltimore Officer Testifies That He Stole Money With Now Deceased Officer Sean Suiter

February 6, 2018

In the Gun Trace Task Force trial, convicted officer Momodu Gondu says he used to steal money with the officer who died after being shot in Harlem Park in November

Trial Reveals Widespread Corruption in Baltimore Police Department

January 23, 2018

Testimony in the trial of two elite task force detectives shows an elaborate ring of robbery, drug dealing, lying, and overtime fraud

Feds Take Over Investigation into Death of Detective Following New Charges Against Baltimore Cops

December 1, 2017

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis hands over the investigation into the death of Det. Sean Suiter to the FBI

Indictment Links Drugs Planted by Dirty Cop to Slain Baltimore Detective

November 30, 2017

New federal charges say a Gun Trace Task Force sergeant planted drugs on a suspect for Detective Sean Suiter to discover

Detective Murdered Day Before he was to Testify Against Dirty Cops

November 23, 2017

Police Commissioner says that as of now the department has no evidence that the murder of Detective Sean Suiter was motivated by his impending testimony