IDF Prepares to Kill More Peaceful Protesters in Gaza on Friday

IDF Prepares to Kill More Peaceful Protesters in Gaza on Friday

May 17, 2018

Michael Omer-Mann, editor-in-chief of +972 Magazine says, IDF does not care if you are protesting in peace or with violence, either way, if you are protesting you run the risk of being killed  

Where are the Palestinian Journalists in Israeli Media?

March 2, 2014

While Palestinian citizens make up 20% of Israel’s population they are only covered 2% on prime time news. Part of the reason why lies in who reports the news.

Israel is an Example of an Economy Hijacked by Military-security Interests

July 28, 2013

Although the U.S has the world’s largest military industrial complex, Israel has the largest ratio of its economy dedicated to the military and security industry

Israel and US Strategic Interests

December 2, 2012
Vijay Prashad: Obama says any country would defend itself against rockets as his drones drop bombs in many countries

Israel’s Media Joins the War

November 20, 2012

Alongside the military assault on Gaza, the Israeli army has a adopted a new media strategy which has influenced coverage of the war in the Israeli press. Unlike in Operation Cast Lead four years ago, this time Israel decided to allow journalists into the Gaza strip, and has streamlined its process of delivering material from…