Reed Lindsay

Finance Has Become the Dominant Force in Shaping the Global Economy

October 24, 2017

Global inequality, household indebtedness, insufficient investment and stagnant economic recovery are the consequences of the dominance of large financial and corporate bodies in shaping globalization, explains Richard Kozul-Wright, UNCTAD’s chief economist

Jayati Ghosh On Imperialism in the 21st Century

June 29, 2017
In this series, economist Jayati Ghosh unpacks the shift in imperialism into the present from explicit power relations under colonialism to 21st century forms of imperialism under implicit rules and regulations determined by an international legal and institutional architecture

Transnational Corporations vs. Human Rights

January 3, 2017
Under the UN system, a binding framework of legal rights for transnational corporations are enforced across national boundaries but not so TNC obligations, this series explores the urgent need recognized by the UN Human Rights Council to correct this imbalance between the legal rights and responsibilities of TNCs at the international level

Peter Drahos on the WTO TRIPS Agreement: IPR Linked To World Trade

October 31, 2016
Peter Drahos explains the implementation of the World Trade Organization TRIPS Agreement that linked intellectual property rights to trade which turned the multilateral trading system into a global platform binding nations in a legal framework protecting transnational corporate rights to privatize life & knowledge