Democrats Spar on Eve of Superdelegate Reform Vote

August 24, 2018

Some superdelegates are fighting grassroots pressure to reform the way Democrats choose their presidential candidates

The Battle for Control of the Democratic Party Heats up in Arizona (Pt 1/3)

August 5, 2018

Progressive grassroots candidates battle with Corporate Democrats for control of the party in Arizona

Victorious Pennsylvania Progressives Shun the Democratic Party Playbook

June 1, 2018

Kristin Seale is one of four women candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America to win their recent primaries in Pennsylvania. Seale says that a bold progressive message, coupled with authenticity, can reach swing-state voters

In Primaries, Democratic Progressives Take On Party Elites

Democratic Progressives Take On Party Elites

May 9, 2018
Our Revolution president Nina Turner discusses the first major primary day of the 2018 election season and the ongoing clash between progressives and the Democratic Party establishment
Jess King for Congress with Sanders

Can a Progressive Democrat Win in Trump Country PA?

May 8, 2018

Field Report: Bernie Sanders joins Jess King, running on a progressive platform for the Congressional District 11-PA

Senior Bernie Advisor says 'Bullshit' to Cuomo Campaign Claim It's 'Lockstep' with Sanders

Senior Bernie Advisor says ‘Bullshit’ to Cuomo Campaign Claim It’s ‘Lockstep’ with Sanders

April 17, 2018

Our election panel, hosted by Paul Jay, responds to NY Daily News report that Bernie Sanders was not endorsing progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon in her run to unseat Gov. Cuomo of New York; with Justice Democrats’ Alexandra Rojas, Moumita Ahmed of Millennials for Revolution and Eugene Puryear of Stop Police Terror Project-DC

California Dems Reject Sen. Feinstein, Open Path for Progressive Candidate

February 27, 2018

Long-serving Senator Dianne Feinstein failed to receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, signaling a shift in the state’s politics towards a more progressive alternative

Oprah 2020? A Progressive’s Take

January 10, 2018

The response to Oprah Winfrey’s potential presidential run reveals uncomfortable truths about the 2016 campaign, and underscores the importance of embracing candidates based on their policies, not celebrity, says attorney and writer Briahna Joy Gray

Progressives Win on Election Day, Can they Win the Democratic Party?

November 8, 2017

Progressives scored big Election Day victories, but for Trump to be defeated, they need to win control of the Democratic Party, says Jeff Cohen, author, professor, and co-editor of “Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis”