Obama on Globalization: A Success Story

August 7, 2018

Barack Obama’s Nelson Mandela speech praised globalization and market-based solutions for their role in lifting one billion people out of poverty. But is this true? For example, half of this poverty reduction is traceable to China’s economic growth. And inequality has only grown, as Obama even admits. Paul Jay and Heiner Flassbeck take apart Obama’s…

Trump's War on the Poor Hits Low-Income Housing Residents

Trump’s War on the Poor Hits Low-Income Housing Residents

May 9, 2018

With a proposal that analysts say could raise rents on low income housing by up to 40 percent, residents say the policies are cruel and fail to recognize the hardships of living on the edge

Protesters Rail Against Police, Poverty in Baltimore May Day March

Protesters Rail Against Police, Poverty in Baltimore May Day March

May 2, 2018

Residents called for unity in the fight for fair wages, universal healthcare, and dismantling of the Baltimore Police department

Economic Update: Distorting Economic Truths

April 16, 2018

Labor strikes at Disney; home sales and prices drop sharply; Nestle’s approval to profit from privatizing water; UPS and FedEx profit from Trump’s attack on Amazon and lies about the USPS; US poverty far worse than in other nations

Baltimore Legislators Call for a Statewide $15 Minimum Wage

February 5, 2018

The year after Mayor Catherine Pugh vetoed a $15 minimum wage for Baltimore, she joins members of the Baltimore City Council to call on the state to pass similar legislation

Baltimore Spends Billions on Corporate Subsidies but Can’t Heat Its Schools

January 21, 2018

Author and political scientist Lester Spence says the discussion around Baltimore’s flagging school system ignores the fundamental priorities of a city that favors corporations over its children

Sex-For-Repairs Victim: ‘I Felt Like I Had to Do This to Keep My Home’

January 16, 2018

A victim of the sex-for-repairs scandal in Baltimore’s public housing comes forward to tell her story

What Real Criminal Justice Reform Looks Like

October 18, 2017

TRNN’s Jaisal Noor talks to Van Jones, Ben Jealous, and Eddie Conway about poverty, unemployment, violence, police accountability and the 2018 Maryland governor’s race

‘Kids Who Know Everything’: Baltimore Youth Hit the Airwaves

October 15, 2017

Baltimore educator Valencia Clay has created a new educational TV show called ‘Kids Who Know Everything,’ which gives Baltimore youth a chance to voice their opinions on issues related to race, crime, and poverty

Amid Flurry of Tax Breaks for Developers, Equitable Housing Law Languishes

October 4, 2017

A Real News investigation of the city’s inclusionary housing law reveals that despite a consensus change is needed, little has been done to fix it