Bills Criminalizing Pipeline Protest Arise in Statehouses Nationwide

Bills Criminalizing Pipeline Protest Arise in Statehouses Nationwide

February 22, 2019

Oil and gas industry-backed law, on books as model legislation for corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, moving through several states in early 2019

Stealing Elections via Voter Suppression: Supreme Court OK’s the Practice

June 22, 2018

Investigative reporter Greg Palast says that the Supreme Court’s recent decision approving Ohio’s process for purging voter registration rolls legalizes a process of disenfranchising minorities across the country. However, the case is far from over

Supreme Court Allows Ohio to Scrub the Voter Roll

June 11, 2018

Kamau Franklin, Attorney for ProGeorgia, says purging the voter roll is another tool in the pockets of conservatives, who want to get rid of people who will not be voting for them

In Primaries, Democratic Progressives Take On Party Elites

Democratic Progressives Take On Party Elites

May 9, 2018
Our Revolution president Nina Turner discusses the first major primary day of the 2018 election season and the ongoing clash between progressives and the Democratic Party establishment
Cordray Beats Kucinich in Ohio's Progressive Showdown

Ohio Primary Elections

May 9, 2018
We continue our primary day coverage with John Nichols of The Nation by looking at Republican Don Blankenship’s loss in West Virginia and Democratic contests across the country that will shape the party’s mid-term playbook
Ohio Governor's Race: Kucinich Attacks Cordray's 'Left' Credentials

Ohio Governor’s Race: Kucinich Attacks Cordray’s ‘Left’ Credentials

May 5, 2018

Tuesday is the Ohio primary for governor of Ohio, in which Rep. Dennis Kucinich faces off against former CFPB director Richard Cordray. Kucinich says that Cordray is principally responsible for assault rifles in the cities of Ohio and favors the death penalty. He is not the “lefty” media likes to portray.

The Black Disinvestment Crisis Pt 3: Gentrification without Representation

March 4, 2018

School Closings and Food Deserts in the African American community of West Dayton while tax incentives are given to build luxury housing downtown are the focus of a conversation with activists from Racial Justice NOW!

pharmaceutical Companies

September 11, 2017
An Ohio ballot initiative aims to lower prescription drug prices, but the pharmaceutical industry is circumventing campaign finance laws according to an investigation. Economics professor Lawrence King explains how the pharma industry converts intellectual property rights into inordinate profits and uses these for political power to maintain its privileged position