Lawrence Brown

Corrupt Gun Unit Shows Why Policing Can’t Be Reformed

February 12, 2018

Dr. Lawrence Brown, professor of public health at Morgan State University, says the new revelations from the Gun Trace Task Force corruption trial make it clear that we must dismantle the current law enforcement system and construct new health-driven models for keeping communities safe

Should the Community Control the Police?

July 8, 2016
Dr. Lawrence Brown and TRNN executive producer Eddie Conway say the protests and conversations around police brutality aren’t just about systemic solutions, but the real and immediate pain

Sanders Must Change Language from Occupy to Black Lives Matter

March 16, 2016

Kamau K. Franklin and Lawrence Brown say Sanders must find a way to break through with Black voters if he wants a chance to win the nomination

Loyalty to Obama Drives Black Voter Support for Clinton

March 1, 2016

Lawrence Brown & Robert Greene discuss why Sanders is having trouble gaining support amongst black voters in the South