Kevin Davis

Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Kevin Davis

January 19, 2018

Mayor Catherine Pugh announced that Davis had been replaced Friday morning, following months of scandal and speculation

Juvenile Arrest Numbers Indicate Return to Zero Tolerance

January 2, 2018

Report shows dramatic spike in arrests for ‘nuisance’ crimes

Detective Murdered Day Before he was to Testify Against Dirty Cops

November 23, 2017

Police Commissioner says that as of now the department has no evidence that the murder of Detective Sean Suiter was motivated by his impending testimony

The Blue State Where Progressive Reforms go to Die

February 23, 2017

Maryland is blocking police reforms despite damning DoJ report and pleas from activists – By Stephen Janis and Taya Graham

Baltimore Police Tactics Under Renewed Scrutiny After Man Injured During Arrest

February 26, 2016

Baltimore resident Aaron Winston’s arm is broken while in custody sparking more scrutiny of police tactics