Jovenal Moise

Haitians Rise Up Against Corruption, Austerity

Haitians Rise Up Against Corruption, Austerity

October 28, 2018

A corruption scandal in Haiti has ignited a massive protest and thrown the Haitian government into crisis. At issue is the misuse of nearly $2 billion from PetroCaribe, a Venezuela-sponsored program that was supposed to help rebuild Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. We speak to Jake Johnston of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Oxfam Prostitution Scandal in Haiti Deepens Suspicions of Other NGOs

February 26, 2018

The sexual misconduct scandal involving Oxfam in Haiti further deepens Haitians’ suspicions of NGOs, which have already contributed to the profound neoliberalization of Haitian society explains Haiti Liberte’s Kim Ives