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Johns Hopkins Graduate Students Launch Union Campaign

Johns Hopkins Graduate Students Launch Union Campaign

September 26, 2018

The students say they are fighting for better working conditions and better compensation, and were joined by nurses who are seeking to unionize Johns Hopkins Hospital

Protest Targets Johns Hopkins' Multi-Million Dollar ICE Contract

Protest Targets Johns Hopkins’ Multi-Million Dollar ICE Contract

September 22, 2018

Dozens of students, faculty and community members marched through campus on Friday and delivered a petition demanding Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University end its contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement

German Police Attack a Jewish Professor, and Blame it on “a Palestinian”

August 15, 2018

Prof. Yitzhak Melamed was the victim of a hate crime in Bonn, perpetrated by those whose duty is to protect him

Exclusive: Nurse Speaks Out Over Johns Hopkins’ ‘Anti-Union Campaign’

June 28, 2018

Hopkins nurse Kate Phillips says the hospital has prevented nurses from discussing the benefits of a union, and that the hospital faces a high attrition rate and low staff to patient ratios

Hopkins Students Fight Against ‘School to War Pipeline’

May 6, 2018

At a gathering to honor Vietnam War protesters, students say their university is priming them to work for the country’s military industrial complex

Exclusive: Nurses Demand Johns Hopkins Halt 'Anti-Union Campaign'

Exclusive: Nurses Demand Johns Hopkins Halt ‘Anti-Union Campaign’

April 26, 2018

Johns Hopkins University has hired an infamous union-busting firm and now faces allegations of intimidating nurses who launched a unionization campaign

New Student Movement Seeks to Change Hopkins from Within

April 20, 2018

A student lead group called Youth Against War and Racism is partnering with the community to lead a fight against Hopkins’ connection to government agencies like the CIA and end its role in military research

‘Samantha Em-Powers Genocide in Yemen’: Students Protest US Role in Saudi War

March 20, 2018

Ex-U.N. ambassador and liberal war hawk Samantha Power faced a protest at Johns Hopkins University over her role overseeing the catastrophic U.S.-Saudi war on Yemen. A student leader speaks about the military-industrial-academic complex – Ben Norton reports.

What A Private Police Force Would Mean For Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore

March 13, 2018

Students mobilize against Baltimore institution Johns Hopkins University as it considers establishing its own private police force, with worries about corruption, racial profiling, and occupation and no input from student body or the local community

Breathless and Burdened

November 5, 2013
World-renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine forced to suspend program after investigation finds one doctor reviewed 1,500 cases and never found an instance of black lung, denying coal miners disability benefits Johns Hopkins Medicine suspended its black lung program after an investigation revealed that Hopkins doctors made questionable medical assessments resulting in denied disability benefits for thousands…