John Nichols

Lame Duck Republican Legislature Tries to Strip Democrats' Power

Lame Duck Republican Legislature Tries to Strip Democrats’ Power in Wisconsin

December 7, 2018

Since Democrats won all statewide races in Wisconsin, the Republican strategy is to illegally erase their loss by disempowering the offices that the Democrats won. The Nation’s John Nichols discusses the situation

Progressive Groups Tackled Tough Races: Winning Some, Losing Others

August 8, 2018

The Nation’s John Nichols analyzes the results of Tuesday’s elections. Rashida Tlaib won Rep. Conyer’s seat in Detroit, becoming the first Muslim woman to go to Congress. Although few other progressive candidates won Tuesday night’s primaries, some did and Missouri’s Right to Work referendum was defeated

Remembering Folk Legend & Activist Pete Seeger

January 28, 2014
John Nichols: 94 year-old Pete Seeger’s music was stronger than the forces that sought to silence him