Jihan Hafiz


July 17, 2013
Pro-Morsi demonstrators claim that the Egyptian army is targeting them during night prayers amid violent clashes and street shutdowns in the Egyptian capital.

Jihan Hafiz Reporting from Cairo

July 10, 2013
TRNN Cairo correspondent Jihan Hafiz describes tense mood in Egypt after massacre, excessive force by military leaves many in denial of army’s past human rights record

Brazil Protests

June 24, 2013
Salvador’s ‘Sleeping Giant’ awakens as city erupts in violence during FIFA confederation cup

50 Children Killed and 450 Injured in Israeli Attack on Gaza

November 27, 2012

Jihan Hafiz in Gaza: As people dig out of the rubble, a Palestinian doctor says civilians were targeted by Israeli attack

Faced with Police Violence, Thousands return to Spanish Parliament

October 1, 2012

Amid anti-austerity protests throughout Spain, the government announced more than 50 billion dollars in cuts to public spending. In response to the police violence throughout last week and in reaction to the 2013 budget cuts, thousands converged outside the Spanish parliament on Saturday. As expected, the protest was eventually dispersed as riot police plowed into…

Protests In Spain

September 18, 2012
Spain’s struggling public sector workers and the unemployed converged on Spain’s capitol to denounce their governments decision to implement deeper spending cuts. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced last month an additional $85 billon more in austerity measures, accompanied with higher taxes, and possibly request more bailout funds. As a result, Spaniards are turning to more…

Egyptian Women Demand Justice, Denounce Military

February 9, 2012

Jihan Hafiz reports Egyptian women protestors confront police and soldiers as they prepare for general strike