jeff cohen

AT&T - TimeWarner Merger: A Disaster for Consumers

June 14, 2018
The argument that this merger, which will create one of the world's largest media giants, is not anti-competitive lacks all basis in reality, says Jeff Cohen of and FAIR

Progressives Win on Election Day, Can they Win the Democratic Party?

November 8, 2017

Progressives scored big Election Day victories, but for Trump to be defeated, they need to win control of the Democratic Party, says Jeff Cohen, author, professor, and co-editor of “Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis”

Sanders and His Supporters Should Now Call for a Real Political Revolution

March 16, 2016

Jeff Cohen says the challenge for Sanders supporters is to continue the campaign for the nomination and take the movement beyond the man, finding ways to fight Trump without giving up their independence from the Democratic Party

Sanders Says Clinton Charges are Fabrications

March 10, 2016

Media critic Jeff Cohen praises Sanders for calling out Hillary for saying he stood with Minutemen vigilantes. Correction: Delegates in the Democratic primaries are awarded proportionally

NYT Endorsement of Hillary Not Surprising Since It Buried Bernie’s Presidential Bid

February 4, 2016

Media critic Jeff Cohen says two days of Washington Post editorials attacking Sanders show we can expect more attacks on Bernie by the corporate media

Is Clinton “A Progressive Who Gets Stuff Done”?

February 3, 2016

Media critic Jeff Cohen says the media is failing to challenge Hillary Clinton’s claim to be a progressive reformer

Public Broadcasters Relying More and More On Corporate Funding

February 26, 2014
Jeff Cohen: PBS show “Pension Peril”, funded by a billionaire with interest in shaping public pension policy, follows a trend of public broadcasters growing increasingly dependent on corporate funds

Obama: Rhetoric or New Direction?

January 31, 2013
Jeff Cohen: Illusions about Obama and the myth of the need for bipartisanship are reasons why progressives and liberals must have a vigorous debate – there really is no choir