Jaisal Noor

As Europe Goes Right, Some Cities Take a Different Path

August 12, 2018

At the Fearless Cities Conference, Barcelona en Comú’s Gala Pin says cities are the future of democratic governance

The Nation’s Strongest Charter School Regulations Are Under Attack

February 22, 2018

Loyola University’s associate dean of education, Rob Helfenbein, says corporate-backed forces have long targeted troubled school systems for privatization

Minnesota Mosque Bombing Largely Ignored by Press

August 7, 2017

A Minneapolis-Area Mosque Was Bombed Over the Weekend but Received Scant Media Attention

Mayor’s $15 Veto has Unions Rethinking their Support of Democrats

April 4, 2017

Union leaders say Catherine Pugh’s veto of a $15 minimum wage bill has them considering supporting independent or third party candidates in future elections

UPDATED: With Veto Override in Jeopardy, Advocates Say Action Needed to Save $15 Wage Effort

March 31, 2017

Advocates say now only mass grassroots efforts can save Baltimore’s $15 wage bill that would lift wages of 100,000 workers

The Truth Behind the War on Immigrants

March 24, 2017

Historian Gerald Horne explains how the demonization of immigrants are designed to divide the working class and prevent white and non-white workers from acting in solidarity

International Women's Day

March 8, 2017
Thousands of women demand social, racial and economic equality in dozens of actions across the world

Sanders and Nurses Join Forces to Fight Trump and Establishment Democrats

November 17, 2016

National Nurses United also attempted to deliver a letter calling on Senator Mitch McConnell to not privatize Medicare and instead implement a single-payer system

Black Lives

September 21, 2016
The Real News brings the latest on the police killings of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Terrance Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which took place 95 years after the Tulsa Race Riots

Tired of Waiting for the Courts, Students Get Their Own Measure of Justice for Freddie Gray

April 28, 2016

TRNN Exclusive: Students at Baltimore’s Reginald F. Lewis High stage a mock trial for Officer Caesar Goodson, one of six officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray