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Puerto Rico's Government Was Warned Climate Catastrophe Was Coming, But Didn't Listen

Puerto Rico’s Government Was Warned Climate Catastrophe Was Coming, But Didn’t Listen

March 20, 2019

Environmental activist Juan Rosario says that, after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico must do more to transition to renewable energy

Puerto Rico: The Perfect Storm

Puerto Rico: The Perfect Storm

January 14, 2019

Carmen Yulín Cruz, Mayor of San Juan says Hurricane Maria did not ask Puerto Ricans “ if we were Republicans or Democrats….3,000 people died because one man who had the power to do something about it, did not”

Will Green Growth Save Puerto Rico?

Will Green Growth Save Puerto Rico?

December 6, 2018

At the Sanders Institute Gathering: The people of Puerto Rico are facing severe austerity measures; a new study, Austerity Versus Green Growth for Puerto Rico, presents a way out of the debt spiral says Professor Robert Pollin

Why Do Natural Disasters Turn into 'Poverty Disasters'?

Why Do Natural Disasters Turn into ‘Poverty Disasters’?

October 18, 2018

Using the examples of hurricane Michael in Florida, the recent Indonesian earthquake and tsunami, and hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Bill Black explains how it is that these natural disasters keep hitting the poor far more than anyone else

Disaster Profiteers vs. the People of Puerto Rico

Disaster Profiteers vs. the People of Puerto Rico

October 2, 2018

One year after Hurricane Maria, counting the dead is one of many challenges that Puerto Rico faces under massive debt, crippling austerity, and disaster profiteers. Aaron Maté speaks to writer and educator Rima Brusi and Carla Minet of the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Uncounted Dead

May 29, 2018
A Harvard study has found that at least 4,645 people have died as a result of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, 70 times more than Puerto Rico officials claim. We speak to Omaya Sosa, co-founder of Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism, who first reported  the government’s official death toll was underreported

Laura Flanders Show: After Hurricane Maria

April 16, 2018

The conversation in other media seems to be shifting to the social crises that are emerging — but for many basic supplies, services and medical care are still nowhere in sight

Puerto Rico’s New Fiscal Plan Will Cause Another ‘Lost Decade’

March 25, 2018

Six months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s new fiscal plan – which supposedly takes the hurricane’s devastation into account – will demand citizens pay off debts they cannot possibly repay, leading to deeper economic decline, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot

Trump Boasts Support for Climate Disaster Victims as FEMA Abandons Them

February 1, 2018

Among the many falsehoods in Trump’s first State of the Union speech was a line about how the government wouldn’t abandon climate disaster survivors. Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food and Water Watch, rips apart the lies.