Remembering Bea Gaddy, a Champion for the Homeless in Baltimore

February 27, 2018

Bea Gaddy (1933-2001) fed thousands of Baltimore’s homeless and hungry

The Real Baltimore: Why is the City Evicting The Homeless Again?

January 31, 2018

In the latest episode of The Real Baltimore, homeless advocates decry the razing of a tent community near downtown Baltimore

Homeless Advocates Decry Encampment Eviction

January 28, 2018

City officials and advocates for the homeless dispute the circumstances under which a prominent homeless encampment in downtown Baltimore was cleared on Friday

Mayor Cuts Deal to Move Homeless Tents From Outside City Hall

August 23, 2017

City officials promised to help 55 people find homes, but protesters say a lot more needs to be done to address Baltimore’s growing homeless population

Drug Wars

February 5, 2014
Retired state police captain Leigh Maddox says that decriminalization of marijuana is a step in the right direction, but that legalization and regulation are needed in order to seriously reduce drug-related violence and allow police to better serve the public

Frigid 'Polar Vortex' Puts Homeless in Extreme Danger

January 6, 2014
Adam Schneider: Cities have taken action to house their homeless populations in face of record cold temperatures but fail to prevent and end homelessness

Low-Income New Yorkers Pay Higher Rent – Billionaires Receive Massive Tax Break for Luxury Condos

July 10, 2013

Two decisions by the NY State Legislature and Rent Guidelines Board will deepen gentrification in NYC

Undoing the New Deal

March 21, 2013
James K. Gailbraith and Leo Panitch discuss the 80th anniversary of the election of FDR and the significance of the New Deal

The Making of "Untold History of the United States"

March 15, 2013
Pt.7 Peter Kuznick (co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States): Truman breaks Roosevelt’s alliance with the Soviet Union and pushes the world into a bitter, decades long conflict

70th Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing

March 15, 2013
Pt.6 Peter Kuznick (co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States): The atomic bomb did not end the war with Japan, it was a threat to the Soviet Union that the US would dominate the post-war world