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Venezuela Coverage and Analysis

December 9, 2015
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Egyptian Debt Threatens Tahrir Square’s Promise of Freedom

March 3, 2013

As the U.S and the IMF apply pressure to the Egyptian government to cut public spending and pay a high interest rate on debts incurred during the previous regime, the Egyptian government targets international NGOs with repressive policies

Greg Palast

February 28, 2013
Greg Palast: Griffin worked with Karl Rove, now backed by Koch brothers, fronts for tar sands pipeline in Congress

Barrios Votan Por Chávez y Democracia Participativa

September 30, 2012

¿Son los Consejos Comunales una extensión de poder central, o una explosión de poder popular?

Venezuelan Barrios Vote for Chavez and Participatory Democracy

September 29, 2012

Are Venezuela’s Communal Councils an extension of central power or an explosion of popular power?