Trouble in Sport Paradise: Can Qatar Overcome the Diplomatic Crisis?

August 6, 2018

By James M. Dorsey / Journals. A Different Demography 1 James M. Dorsey, “Gulf Crisis Creates Opportunity for Asian Nations”, Pragati, 28 November 2017. Ac (…) 2 Zainab Fattah, “Qatar Says Boycott Won’t Affect 2022 World Cup Preparation”, Bloomberg, 30 July 201 (…) 1The UAE­-Saudi­-led economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar complicates the Gulf state’s…

Trump Ignites New Round of Black Athlete Activism

September 26, 2017

Donald Trump’s attack on black NFL players has sparked a wave of anti-racist sports activism with a rich history, says historian and author Gerald Horne

Brazil Protests

July 1, 2013
President Dilma Rousseff conceded many of the demonstrators’ demands, and called for a national compromise to improve public services, by investing 100% of Brazil Oil revenues in education and health care.