Elizabeth Dore

Cuba's New Constitution Indicates Gradual Changes Underway

Cuba’s New Constitution Indicates Gradual Changes Underway

March 6, 2019

Cubans voted 87 percent in favor of a new Constitution, which ratifies economic changes already underway, but also indicates some important social changes. Evangelical churches, though, managed to prevent the ratification of same-sex marriage, says Prof. Elizabeth Dore

Cuba’s New Draft Constitution: Institutionalizing Revolution and Reversing Personalization

July 25, 2018

Cuba’s National Assembly passed a new draft constitution, to replace its existing Soviet-era constitution via national referendum in a few months. Many changes are in the works, including the recognition of private property and gay marriage. But will it mean real change? We discuss the constitution with Prof. Liz Dore and James Early

Cuba’s New President Faces Many Serious Challenges

April 24, 2018

The challenges Cuba faces involve economic inequality, increasing citizen inclusion the political process, and the still-ongoing US economic blockade. Prof. Elizabeth Dore and James Early discuss the challenges President Diaz-Canel needs to address