Election 2012

2020 and the Fight Within the Democratic Party

November 28, 2017

Nina Turner talks with Paul Jay about the struggle within the Democratic Party in the lead-up to the 2020 elections

Mostly-White Knoxville Elects Indian American Socialist to City Council

November 28, 2017

DSA Member Seema Singh Perez discusses her election to City Council in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Democrats Urged to Return Money From Donor Involved In Death of Black Male Escort

November 27, 2017

The California Democratic Party African-American Caucus is pushing for the party to adopt a resolution to return donations from a wealthy donor after a black male escort died in his home

Young Voters Turn to Socialism as Solution

November 20, 2017

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant discusses the surge of Democratic Socialists of America, reforming the Democratic Party, opposing Trump, and fighting corporate power at the local level

Democrats Funded the Steele Dossier that Fueled Russiagate

October 26, 2017

After months of obfuscation, the Washington Post reveals that the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the infamous Steele dossier at the heart of Russiagate. Empty Wheel’s Marcy Wheeler and TRNN’s Aaron Mate discuss

NY Faces Demand For Election Reforms After Illegal Primary Voter Purge

October 25, 2017

The New York City Board of Elections admitted after a lawsuit that it broke the law by purging thousands of people from voter rolls before the 2016 New York presidential primary. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the board violated “the law and New Yorkers’ trust in the institutions meant to protect their rights”

Nina Turner on Why Ossoff Lost in Georgia Special Election

June 21, 2017

Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the major funding by the Democratic Party in a race held in a Republican district with a median income of $84000

How Did Workers and Campaign Finance Reform Fare During This Past Election?

November 29, 2016

Right to work legislation, minimum wage laws, and public financing of elections were at stake on many state ballots

Did Trump Win Through Vote Flipping and Vote Stripping?

November 26, 2016

Robert Fitrakis, election lawyer and international election observer, says had the outcome on November 8 occurred in another country the State Department would have questioned the integrity of the vote

Were the U.S. Elections Fair and Equitable?

November 18, 2016

Thomas Rymer of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says there were partisan efforts to affect voter registration in the 2016 races