Egyptian ceasefire

No Safe Place in Gaza: How Silence Encouraged a Genocide

July 25, 2014

  By Yousef Al-Helou As the Israeli military offensive on Gaza entered its third week, there's been more horrific mass killings committed because of indiscriminate Israeli tank shelling and bombardment throughout the besieged Gaza Strip. After the massacres in Shujaeyyah and Khoza, now the supposedly safe United Nations-run schools have also become targets. A school…

Is Israeli Public Opinion Turning after 700 Palestinian Deaths?

July 23, 2014

Israel-based TRNN correspondent Lia Tarachansky reports on the mood in Israel in the wake of a rising Palestinian death toll

Israeli Human Rights Spokesperson: Attacks on Civilians Unjustifiable

July 22, 2014

B’Tselem spokesperson Sarit Michaeli says although Hamas has violated international law by firing on Israeli civilians, this does not give Israel license to kill Gazan civilians