Trouble in Sport Paradise: Can Qatar Overcome the Diplomatic Crisis?

August 6, 2018

By James M. Dorsey / Journals. A Different Demography 1 James M. Dorsey, “Gulf Crisis Creates Opportunity for Asian Nations”, Pragati, 28 November 2017. Ac (…) 2 Zainab Fattah, “Qatar Says Boycott Won’t Affect 2022 World Cup Preparation”, Bloomberg, 30 July 201 (…) 1The UAE­-Saudi­-led economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar complicates the Gulf state’s…

Real Media: Former British Diplomat Turned Anarchist

January 22, 2018

Carne Ross resigned from the UK foreign office over the Iraq war, and has since been on a journey that has led him to believe in anarchism. Here he talks about his journey, the trigger, and the problems with top down society

Trump Targets Iran Deal and Hints at War

October 6, 2017

Amid news he will go to Congress to decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, Donald Trump called a gathering of military leaders Thursday night “the calm before the storm”

Hillary Clinton’s Emails and the Dangers of Conducting Diplomacy in Private

July 5, 2016

Bill Curry and Terry O’Neill join Paul Jay to discuss the FBI statement and the need for all government official’s communications on public matters to be FOIA-able


March 24, 2014
Journalist Mohamed Elmeshad says that hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to death for a single death while many police officers still remain on trial for over a thousand killed during the Egyptian Revolution

What’s Driving Putin & Obama’s Posturing on Ukraine?

March 11, 2014

Larry Wilkerson: President Obama and Russian President need to ease domestic pressure to act militarily, thus keeping Ukraine as a buffer


March 6, 2014
Phyllis Bennis: The failure of the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group to force congress to vote for intervention into Syria or for additional sanctions on Iran representing a significant decline in its influence

The Porter Report

February 28, 2014
Gareth Porter: Very contentious issues remain in Iran nuclear negotiations

Gar Alperovitz on Reality Asserts Itself

January 28, 2014
Mr. Alperovitz tells Paul Jay there are existing models that point to what a new economy and politics might look like