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Mueller Panic Overshadows Jeff Sessions’ Final Attack on Police Oversight, People of Color

Mueller Panic Overshadows Jeff Sessions’ Final Attack on Police Oversight, People of Color

November 17, 2018

Amid concern over what Jeff Sessions’ ouster could mean for the Mueller probe, there is very little outcry over Sessions’ last-minute move to gut federal oversight of police forces accused of abuses. We speak to ProPublica’s Ian MacDougall and veteran Baltimore attorney Billy Murphy. “This emboldens police brutality,” Murphy warns

DOJ Lends a Hand in Prosecuting Lula

January 25, 2018

The “kangaroo court” upheld former Brazilian President Lula’s conviction without an iota of evidence, says journalist Brian Mier

The Real Baltimore

September 19, 2017
After Judge James Bredar handpicked a group to monitor the consent decree between the Baltimore Police and the Department of Justice, one of the finalists says community input was ignored, setting a bad precedent going forward

Trump Administration Fails to Silence Police Reform Advocates

April 7, 2017

A federal judge in Baltimore brushed aside the Department of Justice’s “grave concerns” about a consent decree between the city and the DOJ allowing residents to weigh-in on policing in their community by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis

Concern Over Trump Rollback of Police Reform Ignores Power of Local Governments

April 4, 2017

Court filings seeking to postpone a critical public hearing on Baltimore’s proposed consent decree detail how the Department of Justice is shifting from police scrutiny to ‘law and order,’ but local officials still have power to implement reforms by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham


October 23, 2016
Taya Graham and Stephen Janis detail how the Department of Justice has stepped up to defend three black officers who were fired after making EEOC complaints of racial discrimination

How a Trump Presidency Creates Crisis and Opportunity for Social Change

October 15, 2016

Executive Producer Eddie Conway visits Conscious Heads barber shop to discuss Donald Trump’s election victory

How Zero Tolerance Policing Destroyed Black Communities in Baltimore

August 30, 2016

Ten of thousands of city residents were swept up in a policy that the Department of Justice says lead to illegal arrests and unconstitutional policing focused solely on African-American neighborhoods

Baltimore Police Union Could Thwart Planned Civilian Oversight

August 24, 2016

A law that was supposed to allow civilian participation in the internal disciplinary process could be blocked by the city’s police union

Mass Incarceration, Solitary Confinement and Prisoners Rights

August 23, 2016
University of Maryland Law Professor Doug Colbert says the long overdue move by the Department of Justice could help overturn punitive pretrial detention measures nationwide