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"No War for Oil" as Thousands March Against US Intervention in Venezuela

“No War for Oil” as Thousands March Against US Intervention in Venezuela

March 17, 2019

As part of an international day against US intervention in Venezuela, a mobilization in Washington, DC with speakers Daniel Ellsberg and Jill Stein emphasized that Trump is only interested in Venezuela’s resources, not in its human rights

Trump's Space Force: A Dangerous Lunacy

Trump’s Space Force: A Dangerous Lunacy

January 18, 2019

Donald Trump announced a large expansion of space-based nuclear missile defense technology; Daniel Ellsberg says it won’t work and makes a nuclear armageddon more likely

Convert Military to Green Production, or Perish - Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (13/13)

Reality Asserts Itself - Daniel Ellsberg

November 29, 2018
In this series, Daniel Ellsberg and Paul Jay explore Ellsberg's latest book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. In the introduction to the book, Ellsberg writes: “No policies in human history have more deserved to be recognized as immoral or insane. The story of how this calamitous predicament came about and how and why it has persisted over a half a century is a chronicle of human madness. Whether Americans, Russians, and other humans can rise to the challenge of reversing these policies and eliminating the danger of near-term extinction caused by their own inventions and proclivities remains to be seen. I choose to join with others in acting as if that is still possible.”