Who Benefits from Austerity?

April 17, 2013
New study refutes Reinhart and Rogoff analysis that underpins austerity policy around the world; shows no relation between debt and lack of growth

American Dynasties Perpetuated by “Cliff” Estate Tax Deal

January 4, 2013

James S. Henry: Obama’s deal with GOP on estate tax ensures very rich families will continue to amass historic levels of wealth and power

Will Obama Offer Massive Corporate Tax Cuts to Make "Fiscal Cliff" Deal?

December 31, 2012
Here's a link to a free view of the Sundance documentary "We're Not Broke" – approx time 56 minutes. 56min2012

Fiscal Cliff Debate: Austerity One Way or Austerity Another Way

November 29, 2012

Bill Black’s Financial and Fraud Report on the current choices offered by President Obama and Congress