Christopher Wray

A New Witch Hunt? FBI Calls Chinese Students a Threat

February 25, 2018

Calling China “a whole-of-society threat,” FBI Director Christopher Wray recently claimed that Chinese students in the US may be conducting espionage. Law professor, author, and Committee of 100 chair Frank H. Wu, says the FBI is reviving a racist legacy

What Do We Know About Christopher Wray?

August 3, 2017

Newly confirmed FBI Director Christopher Wray is the most “patrician” and “Wall Street-oriented” lawyer that has ever held the position, says Tax Justice Network’s James Henry

As Comey Testifies, Don’t Expect His Successor to Challenge Trump

June 8, 2017

National security journalist Marcy Wheeler of discusses the nomination of Christopher Wray as FBI Director just as would-be predecessor James Comey is set to testify on his recent firing