chris williams

Running From the Climate Challenge

February 12, 2016

Chris Williams of Pace University and Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University say the presidential candidates have not given the issue of climate change the attention it merits given that the future of humanity is at stake

The Limits and Missed Opportunities of Obama’s Energy Legacy

January 13, 2016

Professor Chris Williams and DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horne challenge the grandiose claims made by Obama in the State of the Union address

2015 Hottest Year on Record

December 30, 2015

Environmentalist Chris Williams says 13 of the 15 years in the 21st century have broken global temperature records, pointing to the effect of carbon emissions not simply El Nino

‘Fossil Fuels’ Nowhere to be Found in the Paris Agreement

December 15, 2015

Professor Chris Williams says 21 years of treaties and negotiations have all been stepping around the main problem: the production of fossil fuels