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The Forgotten Rohingya Refugees

The Forgotten Rohingya Refugees

August 5, 2019

Existence is resistance: a quarter of a million Rohingya refugees live in Malaysia with no legal rights or protections

UN Report on Child Casualties Blacklists only Muslim Perpetrators

August 1, 2019

Secretary General Antionio Guterres presented the report on child casualties in war to the Security Council on Friday. Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen are the areas with the highest numbers of child casualties, followed by Palestine. Nearly all the children killed were Muslim

‘I Was One of Them’: Asylum Seeker Reflects on Her Journey to the US

Real Talk Tho Episode 8 - Segments

July 16, 2019
Episode 8 of Real Talk Tho: As Trump threatens immigration raids, how will Baltimore respond? (1/10)
Real Talk Tho

Real Talk Tho: How will Baltimore Respond to Immigration Policy”

July 16, 2019

As Trump Ratchets Up Anti-immigrant Rhetoric, How Will Baltimore Respond? Images of children at the border locked in cages and starving have sparked protests across the country. Meanwhile, President Trump’s threats to carry out raids in cities like Baltimore have immigrant communities living in fear of being detained or deported. Do these harsh immigration policies…

Yemeni Children Massacred With US-Made Bomb

August 13, 2018

Thousands have gathered in Yemen for the funerals of the 51 people killed in a Saudi-UAE-US military alliance airstrike, including 40 children traveling on a school bus. Even after a Raytheon-made MK-82 bomb was found in the wreckage, Defense Secretary James Mattis told said that the US is “not engaged in the civil war.” We…